inakustik Referenz LS-4004 AIR 3M

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inakustik Referenz LS-4004 AIR  3M

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inakustik_Referenz_LS-4004 AIR

With the Referenz LS-4004 speaker cable, we continue the incredible story of their Air Helix technology: To achieve perfect air insulation, the new cable uses no less than 16 Cross Link Super Speed waveguides (rather than eight as with the Referenz Air Helix LS 2404). Obviously, the individual conductors themselves play a key role, too. With the LS-4004, too, these are made of 24 high-purity copper wires, each with a razor-thin lacquer coating for extra insulation and braided around a PE core. This design considerably increases stability inside the waveguide by effectively preventing the formation of eddy currents. (These are caused by the very high currents transmitted on the speaker cables - actually the highest ones within the entire audio path.)

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